To bloom the talents, to germinate ideas for the further challenge of the 21st century : feeding the world.



Val de Beauce


















and Profession

                                     Established in 2003, the Agreenoval group is specialised in seeds and seedlings production.

                                     The Group is structured around three core businesses :

                                        . a multiplication activity in France, Val de Beauce.

                                        . an intermediation activity, production monitoring and industrial process in France, ProGraines.

                                        . a service and production activity in Senegal, AfricaGraines.

        A Man,
a team, a spirit

                                    François Dobbelaere, farmer trained in industrial management from a farming family and now CEO of the group, has been

                                    developing knowledge in various territories and businesses for over 30 years. Accompanied by a team of 35 employees,

                                    combined skills allow a recognized professional expertise : technical specialists, operations managers trained in the latest

                                    advanced technology, industrial agricultural operators, sorting operators...

                                    Management and support activities providing both consistency and responsiveness.

to the World


                                     Because the challenge of the 21st century is to feed the world, our willingness to open our business internationally is both

                                     a necessity and a key factor in development ... Our customers are global players, we have to accompany them on their

                                    different territories.


                                    As a strategic axis for Agreenoval and for each entity, innovation is our line of conduct : in production, in technical and

                                    technological means, thanks to the creativity of our teams and our partners, and the services we offer…

                                    Innovation is at the heart of a strategic development for our different activities and prepares future growth.


                                    Agreenoval is a family group with an international focus. Reporting relationships are very bries in order to allow greater

                                    responsiveness in decision making. Everyone develops his skills in a specific area of activity and is fully involved.

                                    We believe that the commitment of everyone enables them to go beyond the limits that would allow a simple addition of talents.


                                    Life is a set of balanced states; we have the experience in our fields everyday.

                                    We make sure each person reaches their full potentiel in their work and in his professional and private life despite our specific and

                                    seasonal activities : a will favour personal development in the long term .